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    • A $1000 deposit per person is required to confirm your reservation.
    • The amount that you deposit is subtracted from the trip cost after your stay.
    • Personal checks are accepted for deposits.
    • A reservation can only be held for one week without the proper deposit.
    • As of 2024 deposits are non refundable, if a trip needs to be cancelled you can roll your deposit over to the following season. 
    • Upon booking, a Trip Confirmation package will be mailed out with all the information needed for planning your trip

    Baggage Limits

    The trip rate is calculated to include a baggage/gear allowance of 50 lbs per person. You are welcome to bring extra gear which is charged at the rate of $1.75 per extra pound to cover the cost of flying. We will make every effort to fly your allowed weight plus your excess together. If you have substantial extra gear it may be necessary to reconfigure the flights to get everyone and all of their gear in and out of the lodge in the most efficient way. For safety reasons, and to abide by Transport Canada regulations, we cannot and will not overload the airplanes.


    Kesagami Wilderness Lodge will not be responsible for any lost fishing time or additional expenses for food, lodging, or airline fees incurred as a result of delay or cancellation of any part of the flight due to situations and events not within Kesagami Wilderness Lodge’s control, including lightning, inclement weather, fire or other acts of the elements, unreliability of equipment, or the failure of suppliers to meet their contracts or promises.