Walleye Wonderland

Fly-in fishing enthusiasts are now flocking to Kesagami, not just for the world-class northern pike fishing, but for the incredible walleye angling as well. Long famous for its trophy pike fishery, Kesagami also boasts one of the premier walleye fisheries in Canada.

“Guests sometimes forget that the walleye fishing at Kesagami is truly outstanding,” says Kesagami co-owner, Marsha Gibbs. The fact is that many Kesagami anglers fish only for walleyes, and well-documented catches of 100 fish per boat, even occasional 200 fish days, are reported by guests. “Eighty (80) walleyes in less than two hours fishing – while waiting to go on a trophy pike hunt !” reported the staffers of Fly-In Angling Adventures who visited the lodge in mid-July.

As it does at many far-north sites, the early-season provides non-stop action from morning through evening, with catches of 100 to 200 fish per boat per day often reported. After dinner on June 4 / 96, guests caught and released 150 walleyes right off the dock !


Kesagami walleyes average between 1 and 3 pounds, with larger fish becoming more and more common as catch release conservation policies make an impact and larger walleyes (3 – 6 lb.) are becoming increasingly common, with occasional trophies in the 30-inch / 10+ pound range showing up every season.

Although walleyes can be caught using almost every angling technique, a simple twistertail, leadhead jig is far and away the most effective bait. Kesagami’s rocky points, shoals and island saddles are ideal structure for foraging walleyes and invariably attract and hold hordes of greedy fish.

After dinner, like clockwork, anglers who just can’t get enough walleye fishing in a 10-hour day, head for Pickerel Point – a walleye hotspot just 5 minutes from the lodge. There in shallow water (5 to 11 feet), guests often catch multiple limits of walleyes before exhaustion and a setting sun send them back to the lodge and bed where they dream about tomorrow’s great fishing at Kesagami.
No fishing trip to Canada’s North can be considered complete without a shore lunch built around just-caught walleyes. Kesagami’s expert guides will not only put guests on plenty of fish, but prepare an unforgettable walleye shore lunch at a secluded site. For guests who want to take on the challenge of shore lunch themselves, shore lunch kits are made available, and shore lunch sites with fire pits, grills, and firewood are scattered around the lake.

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